Tutorial - Optimizing your mir3 via Oracle VirtualBox

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Tutorial - Optimizing your mir3 via Oracle VirtualBox

Post by Katana on Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:02 pm

due to few requests I create this tutorial.
It's recommendedfor Windows 7 users, I guess Windows 8 users may also find it useful.

This tutorial is going to show you how to install windows xp as a virtual machine on your windows 7, since lom3 dosn't work well on win7.

You don't need your own copy of windows xp, I'm going to provide links of downloadable, legal copy of windows xp. Unfortunately not all of our steps are going to be complately legal.

First of all, we need copy of Oracle VirtualBox. I recommend version 4.3.12, because I found it not working on newer versions. Can't remember what was the problem.

Here is the link: Direct Link
Download and install Very Happy

We also need 7zip program(any version): Link

And one more thing to download: our copy of windows xp. Microsoft provide free Windows Xp Mode for windows 7 professional, enterprise or ultimate users. However those, who have cheaper version of windows 7 can't install it legally. No matter if you have windows 7 proffesional or windows 7 home premium, you are going to need this:

Polish version

English version

German version

Spanish version

If you need direct link of windows xp mode in any other language, post your request here.

I post these direct links for people, who have illegal copy of win7. If you have legal copy you can find your own version HERE

Ok, once you've downloaded everything lets get it started.

Step one:
Install Oracle VirtualBox.

Step two:
Install 7zip.

Step three:
Find location of your windows xp mode file. Right-click it and unpack it using 7zip program.

Step four:
Once you unpack it, three new files appear:

Unpack xpm file by right-cliking it and using 7zip program.

Step five:
Now you should have couple of new files:

Find VirtualXPVHD file and edit its name by adding .vhd at the end:

Step six:
Ok, we're done here, now let's run Oracle VirtualBox and create new virtual machine:

New window appears. Set name to any you want. Type to Microsoft Windows and version Windows xp 32 bit.

Next window allows you to set RAM allocated to your virtual machine. My pc has 4GB RAM and I use 1GB on my virtual machine. It works fine in game:

At next window you need to select "Use an existing virtual hard drive file:" and select the file you have changed name at step five.

Once you find and select this file, press Create.

Step seven:
Run your new virtual machine. Usually running it for the first time results in a black screen. If this happen to you, just close it and run again. Go through simple installation process. At this moment you cannot use your mouse. It's locked at the left top corner, so you have to install it using only arrow keys and enter.

Step eight:
Installation is really simple. Once your new desktop appears, take a look at the menu at the top of the screen. Select Devices > Network > Network settings:

Set "Attached to" to Bridget Adapter:

Now your virtual machine is connected to the internet Very Happy

Step nine:
Now we are going to enable our mouse, because playing without it is actually impossible Very Happy
At the top menu select Devices > Install Guest Additions CD image:

Then go through simple installation process (you can use only arrow keys and enter)

Once you install it, close your virtual machine and run it again. Now you are able to use your mouse Smile

Well, this is the end. Your virtual machine is ready to download and run lom3. You can also copy it from your host pc.

Unfortunately this windows xp is a 30-days trial version. Once 30 days pass, you have to delete it and install again. You can legalise it using some programs, for example this one: Legalizator XP

I hope you find it useful and helpful.
Best regards,


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